“Mindfulness i din hverdag”, self-help book and cd by Ola Schenström (softcover with flaps).


Schønberg, Denmark 2009


Book cover design
Cd label design


In Mindfulness i din hverdag – veje til nærvær Olav Schenström achors himself in everyday life and describes how we can learn to perceive it in a new way. He shows that conscious presence will affect the way we reflect on our daily lives and make wise decisions. Through exercises and practical guidance, the book and the CD will become trusted companions, from waking up in the morning until we fall asleep at night.


Regarding covers for meditation books, one can’t help noticing the abundance of images of water drops, stacked stones, lotus flowers, buddha figures and pastel colors. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with clichées. They really are very useful, and help us quickly categorize things around us. But for this book I wanted to stay clear of the spiritual clichées. I chose the butterfly image because it is an old symbol of transformation. The color scheme is optimistic and saturated and reflects the philosophy of the book, that the practice of meditation ultimately has to translate into everyday life.